2020 Fabric Face Mask


2020 Fabric Face Mask protect your delicate skin from the harsh world. They last longer than sunscreen and provide excellent coverage to even cover exposed teeth. If you're looking for a hand-made beauty product that's good for the environment, choose the face mask!

The 2020 Fabric Face Mask is something you use to protect your skin from the outside world. They are most often used for cold, flu, and congestion (although most people also use them daily for things like shiny skin). Laid thick with heavy-duty fabric lining on one side and soft terry cloth on the other, this mask will block germs while making you feel pampered. Stay invincible in front of all these bugs!

There's nothing worse than wearing a face mask because it makes you feel like you're suffocating. But not this one! You'll be able to breathe easy while your skin is soothed by the gentle touch of our masks, leaving your complexion feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Keep your face protected from the environment with this elastic, adjustable head mask. Wear it to block out allergens, pollution, or just because you're feeling whimsical!!

A team of scientists and aestheticians have created the perfect face mask to keep you looking fresh and renewed! This skin care essentially features a high-quality, antibacterial viscose material that keeps your pores free of dirt while locking in moisture. A velcro back closure makes it easy to pull on or take off when you need a quick break.

The 2020 Fabric Face Mask is the perfect option for those looking to become faceless. The fabric remains transparent so you'll be able to see, which has its pros and cons--it will slightly weaken your visibility in dim light, but it also means you can still spot yourself in pictures!

This full-face creative mask is a creative way for you or your friends to quickly transform into something other than their usual selves! Play dress up and show off all of your hidden creative personalities!

It’s hard to stay on top of skincare during the wintertime. Usually, you can just put some clove on your face and call it a day - but all that snowballing has launched us into deeply frozen territory. This is when we turn to our dear friend, the facemask! We're all about this classic beauty essential in every color and every size! Wrap up warm in this awesome gift idea and protect yourself from drying out or getting sick in two seconds flat without sacrificing your witty charm.

A great gift for anyone who loves something cute to brighten their day - the perfect face mask!

Care Instruction: 

  1. You can dry your mask in the dryer, but the heat can accelerate wear and tear, so it’s best to air-dry your mask. 
  2. If you plan to throw your masks in the washer, consider using a mesh laundry bag to avoid snagging.
  3. Gently hand fluff.
  4. Do not bleach


Why should you go for our Facemask?

  1. Our masks are made of high quality and durable materials that can be reused on a daily basis.
  2. Made from a non allergic fabric that offers great comfort and protection 
  3. Offers comfort and unique design.
  4. Suitable for both males and females.
  5. Our customer support team is always here with an answer or to solve any issues you may have.

Please read the information below carefully prior to purchasing:

- Product ships out within 5 - 7 business days after payment is received and confirmed. Please note that we do not ship or deliver on weekends or holidays.

- Shipping time may take 7 - 15 business days. Some remote areas may take longer.

- Please pay attention to our holiday shipping schedule (varies depending on location).

Please be noticed that our Face Masks are made-on-order, so the delivery time will take longer than usual. We usually deliver within 10 to 15 working days. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please contact customer service.

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Email - ​​support@lavaclothin.com. At Lavaclothin, we are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and want each and every customer to be satisfied with their item.

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